Pure Essential Oils

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Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements uses quality, pure essential oils and hydrosols to scent all bath and skin care products.  We offer, in varying sizes, the following pure essential oils for use in aromatic diffusors or for dilution in your own natural preparations.

As with all essential oils: For external use only, dilute suitable oils in proper carrier medium or use for inhalation purposes. Always consult a reputable reference source and follow all safety precautions.  In general do not use on children under the age of 12 or those in frail health without consent of a health care professional.  Use caution if pregnant or nursing.  Keep away from children and pets.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated and highly aromatic volatile liquids produced in plants, and extracted through the process of steam distillation.  An oils job within the plant is to attract pollinators, deter pests, and protect itself from disease.  Each essential oil has its own aroma profile and chemical makeup which can exhibit specific therapeutic properties.

Simple inhalation of essential oils can have the power to balance emotions, lift spirits, and evoke distant memories. Anyone who has smelled fresh lemon balm leaves warming in the sun, rubbed rosemary leaves between their palms, or brought lavender flowers to the nose for a deep breath of calm can attest to these powers. Used in topical preparations and properly diluted, these oils have the potential to reduce inflammation, pain, and tension, and, all exhibit some level of antiseptic properties.

It takes a tremendous amount of plant material to produce a very small amount of these precious oils, so from a sustainability stand point, essential oils deserve our utmost respect and diligent care with each use. Used properly and in minimal proportions, oils can help us maintain health assisting in healing minor skin and respiratory irritations, they can help relax, balance, invigorate, and are even said to enhance memory.  When used improperly however, essential oils can be skin irritants, enhance the negative effects of sun exposure, and even cause damage to the nervous system, and other organs.

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) advises that essential oils should not be taken internally or used on the skin without dilution in a proper ‘carrier’. Essential oils should be used sparingly on children under 12 years of age, women who are pregnant or nursing, or those in frail health and always with the advice and supervision of a trained professional in the field of health and aromatherapy.

Single Note Pure Essential Oils – Available in 10ml Sizes

(See Information Legend Below)

Amyris (wc)

Amyris balsamifera
sd from wood
Aroma – Very Light
Cool, Soft, Warm, Woody
Base Note
Blending: all oils
Relaxing, Healing to Skin
Helps to ‘fix’ scent in a blend
*Generally safe

Bay Laurel (o)

Laurel nobilis
sd from leaves
Herby, spicy, sweet
Top-Middle note
Blending: florals, herbs, citrus oils
congestion, aches, insecticide
Insight, fortitude
*Low dilution, topical

Basil (o)

Ocimum basilicum
sd from leaves
Warm, sweet, peppery
Top-Middle note
Blending: woods, citrus oils
Aches & pains, antiseptic
Aids concentration
*May irritate skin

Bergamot (o) (c)

Citrus bergamia
exp from peel
Cool, bittersweet, citrus
Top-Middle note
Blending: all oils
Cleansing, stress, skin care
Uplifting, releasing
*Can be phototoxic

Black Pepper (o)

Piper nigrum
sd from berries
Warm, earthy,
strong, smooth
Middle note
Blending: florals, citrus
Increases circulation
Grounding, fortifying
*Low dilution, topical

Cedarwood (wh)

Juniperus virginiana
sd from wood
Balsamic, woody, smoky
Middle-Bas note
Blending: woods, florals
Respiratory function
Anchors emotions
*Generally safe
*Kid Safe

Celery Seed (c)

Apium graveolens
sd from seed
Cool, sweet, spicy
Middle note
Blending: citrus, woods, berries
Circulation, Detox
*Generally Safe

Cinnamon leaf (o)

Cinnamomum zeylanicum
sd from leaf
Spicy, sweet, rich
Top-Middle note
Blending: fruit, some florals
Stimulating, purifying
*Skin irritant

Citronella (c)

Cymbopogon nardus
sd from leaves
Cool, lemony, loud
Top-Middle note
Blending: spices, woods, florals
Insecticide, Stimulant
*potential Skin irritant

Clary Sage (c)

Salvia sclerea
sd from tops
Earthy, floral, nutty
Top-Middle note
Blending: florals, fruits, spices
Skin care, relaxing, pms
Clarity, feminine balance
*Generally Safe

Clove Bud (o, c)

Eugenia carophylatta
sd from buds
Warm, spicy, floral
Middle-Base note
Blending: florals, fruit, spices
Circulation, Purification
Confidence & Calm
*Skin irritant

Coriander (c)

Coriandrum sativum
sd from seeds
Sweet, fruity, spicy
Top note
Blending: All oil types
relaxing, uplifting, balancing
Joy & stability
*Generally safe
*Kid safe

Cypress (wh)

Cupressus sempervirens
sd from leaves, twigs, cones
Cool, sweet, sour, woody
Top-Middle note
Blending: woods, citrus, florals
Skin care, deodorant, ciruclation
Adaptability & Renewal
*Generally safe

Eucalyptus (o)

Eucalyptus globulus
sd from leaves
Strong, camphorous, cool
Top-Middle-Base note
Blending: mint, citrus, wood
Muscle aches, cleansing
Optimism, Clearing
*potential skin & resp. irritant

E. Radiata (o)

Eucalyptus Radiata
sd from leaves
More mellow than E. globulus
Top-Middle note
Blending: mints, citrus, woods
respiratory conditions
Freedom, intention
*Generally safe

Fir Needle (wh)

Abies balsamea
sd from needles
Balsamic, fresh, piny
Middle note
Blending: florals, citrus, woods
respiratory conditions,
tension, anxiety
Clarity, Expansiveness
*Generally safe

Frankincense (wh)

Boswelia carterii
sd from resin
Earthy, citrus, resinous, musky
Middle note
Blending: Most oils
skin care, respiratory, stress
Spiritual liberation
*Generally safe

Geranium (o, c)

Pelargonium graveolens
sd from flowers, leaves
Bold, floral, rose, green
Top-Middle note
Blending: florals, woods, citrus, roots
skin care, insecticide, feminine
Grounding, Feminine Strength
*Generally safe

Grapefruit (o)

Citrus paradisi
exp from peel
Fresh, bittersweet, citrus
Top-Middle note
Blending: mints, citrus, woods
respiratory conditions
Freedom, intention
*Generally safe

Ho Wood (wh)

Cinnamomum camphora
sd from leaves
Woody, slight citrus, smooth
Top note
Blending: most oil types
Antiseptic, relaxing
Uplifting & Soothing
*Generally safe

Juniper Berry (wh)

Juniperus communis
sd from fruit & leaves
Crisp, pungent, piny, fruity
Top-Middle note
Blending: woods, citrus, florals, herbs
circulation, respiratory, fleas & ticks
Self confidence
*Generally safe in low dilution

Lavender (o, c)

L. officinale, angustifolia
sd from flowering tops
Smooth, floral, herbaceous
Top-Middle note
Blending: All oils
Cleanse, relax, uplift, insecticide
Connections, Spirituality
*Generally safe
*Kid safe

Lemon (o, c)

Citrus limon
exp from peel
Bright, Crisp, Clean
Top note
Blending: Most oils
Deodorant, antiseptic, purifying
Uplift, Self Esteem
*Generally safe

Lemongrass (o)

Cymbopogon spp
sd from grass
Lemony, grassy, pungent
Top-Middle-Base note
Blending: Most oils
Insecticide, footcare
*potential skin irritant

Lime (o)

Citrus aurantifolia
exp from peel
Cool, Smooth, Clean
Top-Middle note
Blending: Most oils –
Including masculine blends
Balancing, cleansing, deodorant
Confidence & Relationships
*Photo Sensitivities

Mandarin (o)

Citrus reticulata
exp from peel
Mellow, sweet, floral
Top note
Blending: Most oils
Skin care, relaxing, soothing
Letting go, Grounding
*Generally safe
*Kid safe

Sweet Marjoram (o, c)

Origanum marjorana
sd from tops
Bright, Crisp, Clean
Top-Middle note
Blending: Most oils
Relaxing, antiseptic, cleansing
Comfort, tranquility
*Generally safe in low dilutions

Myrrh (wh)

Commiphora myrrha
sd from resin
Bright, Crisp, Clean
Base note
Blending: Resins, wood, som florals
Antiseptic, stimulates movement
Strength, valor, transendence
*Generally safe

Sweet Orange (o, c)

Citrus sinensis
exp from peel
Bright, crisp, clean, sweet
Top-Middle note
Blending: All oils
Energize, deodorize, antiseptic
Unity, uplifting
*Generally safe

Palmarosa (o)

Cymbopogon martinii
sd from leaves
Pungent, lemony, floral
Middle-Base note
Blending: Citrus, florals, woods
Insecticide, skin care, calming
Adaptability, strength
*Generally safe

Patchouli (o, c)

Pogostemon cablin
sd from leaves
Earthy, sweet, musky, rich
Top-Middle-Base note
Blending: Most oils
Skin care, deodorize, insecticide
Centering, sensulaity
*Generally safe

Peppermint (o, c)

Menthe piperita
sd from leaves
Strong, sweet, camphorous, sharp
Top-Middle note
Blending: Mints, citrus
muscle aches, insecticide, cold care
Dispelling anger, purifying
*low dilution topical, skin irritant

Rosemary (o, c)

Rosmarinus officinalis
sd from aerial parts
Fresh, minty, pungent
Top-Middle note
Blending: Florals, herbs, seeds, woods
Skin & Hair care, stimulating,circulatory
Clarity, Identity, Protection
*Special precautions

Sage (o)

Salvia officinalis
sd from leaves
Earthy, sweet, musky, rich
Top-Middle note
Blending: Herbs, mints, woods
Circulation, antiseptic, respiratory
Cooling, grounding, restoring
*Topically, limited use & low dilution

Black Spruce (wh)

Picea mariana
sd from twigs & leaves
Crisp, clean, piny, balsamic
Middle note
Blending: Citrus, florals, woods, resins
Cleansing, congestion, muscle aches, restorative
Clarity, Balance, Creativity
*Generally safe

Spruce (wh)

Tsuga canadensis
sd from leaves & twigs
Fresh, fruity, piny
Top-Middle note
Blending: Pines, Cedars, Lavender, Rosemary
All around respiratory support, loosens congestion
Uplifting, Clarity, Balance
*Generally safe

Tea Tree (wh)

Melaleuca alternifolia
sd from leaves & twigs
Medicinal, camphorous
Middle note
Blending: Spices, herbs, woods
Skin care, foot care,  respiratory, antiseptic
Lethargy, protection, empowerment
*Generally safe

Ylang Ylang (wh)

Cananga odorata
sd from flowers
Sweet, floral, strong, rich
Middle-Base note
Blending: Florals, spices, woods
Heart tonic, muscle aches, skin care, relaxing
Sensuality, meditation
*Generally safe

Essential Oils Available for Personal Blending Services and used in Moondrop Synergy Blends

The following oils may be available for Special order purchases in amounts under 10ml
(See Information Legend Below)

Anise Seed (c)

Pimpinella anisum
sd from seed
Sweet, licorice, rich
Top note
Blending: Spices, roots, fruits, citrus
Respiratory, relaxing to smooth muscles
Mental tonic, comforts the mind
*Generally safe in low dilution

Balsam of Peru (wh)

Myroxylon pereirae
sd from resin
Sweet, rich, vanilla, balsamic
Top-Middle-Base note
Blending: Florals, spices, woods, resins
Skin care, relaxation, antiseptic
Sensuality, Comfort
*Low dilution topical, potential skin irritant

Blue Tansy (wh)

Tanacetum anuum
sd from leaves & flowers
Fresh, fruity, floral, sweet
Middle-Base note very strong
Blending: Patchouli, vetiver, fruits, other blue oils
Respiratory, skin care, Tonic
Personal Power, Guardian, Frees the Spirit
*Generally safe – don’t confuse with Tanacetum vulgare

Cardamom (o)

Elettaria cardamomum
sd from seed
Spicy, sweet, camphorous, warming
Top-Middle note
Blending: Spices, fruits, resins, ylang ylang
Respiratory, brain tonic, aphrodisiac
Purifying, clarity, minimizes overthinking
*Potential skin irritant

Carrot Seed (c)

Daucus carota
sd from seed
Pungent, earthy, musky
Middle-Base note
Blending: skin care oils
Skin care, purifier, relaxes smooth muscles
Perspective, resolve, new growth
*Generally safe

Cedar, Atlas (wh)

Cedrus atlantica
sd from wood
Sweet, sour, balsamic, woody
Top-Base note
Blending: Woods, spices, herbs
Respiratory, digestive, relaxing
Strength, endurance, spirituality, dispels fear & anger
*Generally safe

Ginger, Fresh (c)

Zingiber officinale
sd from fresh rhizomes
Sweet, spice, fruity, fresh
Top-Middle note
Blending: Most oils
Heart tonic, muscle aches,antiseptic
Support, truth, energize, initiative
*Generally safe in low dilution

Niaouli (wc)

Meleleuca viridiflora
sd from leaves & twigs
Sweet, balsamic, camphorous
Middle note
Blending: Other camphors, balsams, resins, fruits
Antiseptic, respiratory, allergies
Protection, humility, subtlety
*Generally safe

Nutmeg (o)

Myristica fragrens
sd from seed/fruit
Soft, spicy, warming
Middle note
Blending: Most oils
Relaxing, antiseptic, relieves tension
Meditative, transformation, perspective
*Skin irritant, inhalation most effective use.

Palo Santo (wh)

Bursera graveolens
sd from wood
Earthy, resinous, sour-sweet
Top-Middle note
Blending: Woods, camphors, citrus
Respiratory, general tonic, circulatory
Cleanse negative energy, supports meditation
*Generally safe

Ravensare (wh)

Ravensare aromatica
sd from leaves
Resh, camphorous, spicy
Top-Middle note
Blending: Most oils
Antiseptic, respiratory, general tonic
Calming, expansion
*Generally safe in low dilution
Do not confuse with Ravintsara

Thyme, (c)

Thymus vulgaris (ct. linilol)
sd from aerial parts
pungent, herbaceous, medicinal
Top-Middle-Base note
Blending: herbs, woods, lavender
Very antiseptic, safest thyme type
Courage, drive
*Potential skin irritant, do not confuse with other chemotypes

Vetiver (o)

Vetiveria zizanoides
sd from root
Earthy, pungent, rich, strong
Base note
Blending: florals, all heavily scented oils
Skin care, aches & pains, deodorant, circulation
Grounding, meditative, Guardian
*Generally safe

White Camphor (c)

Cinnamomum camphora
sd from wood
Sharp, camphorous, woody
Top-Middle note
Blending: Other camphors, herbs, spices, citrus
Antisptic and pain relieving
Protection & fortitude
*Skin irritant, best for short term use

Yarrow (c – eco)

Achillea millefolium
sd from aerial parts
Floral, herbaceous, fruity, pungent
Middle note
Blending: Florals, fruits, camphors, balsams
Antiseptic, restorative, skin care, vascular tonic
Truth, Clarity, Stability
*Generally safe in low dilution

Essential Oil Info Key

Essential Oil Name & Cultivation Method
(Organic (o)    wild harvested (wc)    conventional (c))
Latin Name
(Proper Botanical identification)
Production Method
(Steam Distilled (sd)    Expressed from the peel (exp))
Aroma Characteristics
Blending Note
(Top, Middle or Base)
Suggested Oils for Blending
Generally Accepted Physical Properties
Generally Accepted Energetic/Emotional Properties
*Safety Information
(Always perform a patch test and refer to reputable source)

The information contained on this page is provided for educational purposes only and does not indicate a suggested treatment or prescription for any ailment, condition, or desired outcome.

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