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The Nurturers, The Healers, The Hearth-Keepers, The Peace-Keepers, The Providers, The Teachers

‘The Goddess never left us and she never will. She’s still guiding, protecting, and inspiring you, healing your wounds and spurring your courage.  She’s here right beside you, inside you, at this very moment. All you have to do is call her name and she will answer.’
~ Find Your Goddess by Skye Alexander

Banner artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet in ‘Goddesses Knowledge Cards’
(available at The Cottage)

Moondrop Herbals Skin, Body & Comfort Care

Enjoy this gallery of some of The Cottages most popular House-made offerings.

Face Care Gift Set with Jade Roller

Sampler sized set includes Moondrop Herbals Natural Face products: Cucumber Cleansing oil, Cleansing Grains, Aloe Toner, Matcha Firming Facial Mask, + Moisture Serum: $25.00 | Jade Crystal Facial Roller $22.00
Discounted Price: $37.00

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Self-Care Ritual Medicine

Dream Spirit Bath Salts $16.50 | Dream Spirit Pillow Spray $12.95 | Dream Prophecy Anointing Roll on | Massage Brush $7.25
Discount pricing available

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Zen Lip Balm

Shea and beeswax create the perfect barrier of protection for your lips that lasts, so you don’t need to keep applying or constantly feel the need to lick your lips. $5.25

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Moondrop Herbals Aroma | Therapy

Some of our most popular products. Click on the picture or page link for more ideas.

Amygdala’s Olfactory Collection

Created at The Cottage specifically for the empowerment and protection of the feminine that deeply resides within us all.

Amygdala lives deep in the limbic system inside our brain.  She controls our emotions, memory, and mood.  Scent bypasses our logical brain and is not involved in the process of smell. In other words, you actually feel scent. $12.95

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Accessories | Moondrop Herbals Grand Rapids, MI

Aroma Difuser & Humidifier

This beautiful Difuser has a unique branches design on the cover, has rotating or stationary lighting, and a large capacity reservoir with continuous or intermittent atomizer settings. $55.00

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Chakra Energy Sampler Set

The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit, a sacred language of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is said that these invisible energy wheels spin at specific energy frequencies, and interconnect our physical and spiritual selves. Each of the seven chakras is represented here in the form of seven divine essential oil blends created for meditation and affirmation of our whole selves, recognizing our oneness to Spirit.

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Spirit in Mind, Body & Home

Statuary | Crystals | Art | Books | Decks

Connecting To Your Goddess

Find Your Goddess $17.99 | Fairy Tale Forest Decomposition Journal $9.00 | Goddess Knowledge Cards $10.95 | Purple Goddess Amulet $2.50 | Goddess Soul Warrior Affirmation Roll on $12.95

Aroma + Therapy

Sacred Oils $14.99 | Fields of Plenty Decomposition Journal $9.00 | Set of seven 5ml Chakra Oils $48.50 | Chakra Stones

A Yogic Path

Steeped in the wisdom of the Vedas, this visionary deck is a tool to access your yogic intuition. Oracle Deck and Guidebook $35.00

The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot

This deck is a radical new interpretation of the Tarot for these times.  Unlike traditional Tarots, which guide the seeker to enlightenment by leaving the Earth behind, this deck shows a profound and magical journey into the world we are here to walk, not out of it.  Deck, Guidebook, and Tarot bag $39.99

Preparing Sacred Spaces

Modern Guide To Space Clearing | Sacred Spaces $17.00 | Clearing + Protection Kit $14.95

Magical Activism

Revolutionary Witchcraft $16.99 | Sunflowers Decomposition Journal $9.00 | Ritual Salts $6.75 | Black Tourmaline Standing Point $12.00 (prices vary) | Vital Energy Shield Affirmation Roll on $12.95

Garden Statuary

Volcanic Ash Buddha 13″H $50.00 | Volcanic Ash Elephant Tea Lite Holder $22.00 | Om Lotus Cappuccino Mug $15.95

Goddess Statuary

Volcanic Ash Triple Goddess 11″H $42.00 | Painted Cast Iron Mermaid $24.00 | Soapstone Radiant Sun Incense Tower $18.00 | Moonstone Sphere $20.00 | Various Shells $2.50


Volcanic Ash ‘Jizzo’ Buddha $42.00

Singing Bowls

5″ Handcrafted ‘Sri Yantra’ design Singing Bowl $95.00 | Sacred Sound $16.95 | Available: Singing Bowls sizes 4″ – 7″ and ranging in price from $55.00 – $180.00

Yoga + Meditation Practice

Yoga Blankets $34.95 | Mini Chakra Wall Hanging $10.95 | Books – prices vary | Hugger Mugger Meditation Cushion $54.95 | Local Artisan made Malas $45.00 | Chakra anointing oil set $48.50 | Mandala Tapestries – varied sizes & pricing | Reiki Symbols (temp out of stock)

Native Traditions

Clearing + Protection Kits $14.95 | Modern Guide to Energy Clearing $16.99 | Native American Hand Drum $42.95 | Purple Goddess Amulet $2.50 | Smudge Kits by ‘Objects of Intention’ $15. – $18.00

Palm Stones 

Flower Agate, Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Infinite, Sunstone, Rose Quartz, Larvikite,  Selenite, Fluorite, Chrysanthemum

Standing Polished Points

Amethyst, Iolite, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Garden Quartz, Harlequin Quartz


Harlequin Quartz, Carnelian, Apatite (out of stock), Pink Selenite, Flower Agate (Not shown)

Botanical Offerings


1.8 ounce glass jar, Ceremonial Grade and Organic $13.95 | Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk $8.95

More Green Tea HERE

Nice On Ice

Hibiscus and Spice Herbal Tea blend $4.00/oz | Tart + Spicy and delicious hot or cold

More Herbal Tea Blends HERE

Nourish Your Nervous System

It’s a New Day Herbal Tea Blend $4.00/oz | Nourishing, Soothing, Healing

More Herbal Tea Blends HERE

And So Much More

You Already Know Her

It is SHE who moves you in your dance.
SHE is the music of your life.
Do you need to ask HER name?

~ The Goddess Path by Patricia Monaghan

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