Tools Of The Trade

Tea Time

Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements stocks your essentials for creating the perfect tea experience: Tea pots and presses, infusing vessels, mugs, mate gourds and matcha tools.  We also have glass and tin containers for storing your favorite Moondrop tea.

Check out our Lovely Cottage Teas

Herbal Prep

From books for knowledge and recipes of every kind to finished product, Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements has you covered every step of the way with mortar and pestle sets, infusing sacks, capsule machines and glass containers in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Visit our Herbs and Raw Ingredients pages for all of your DIY needs.

Aroma Diffusers

The outer shell of ‘Bamboo’ is beautifully crafted from real bamboo and inspires healing energy and soothing comfort. You can expect a minimum of 6 hours of running time in continuous mode and 12 hours in interval mode. It includes three lamp settings of soft, white light: bright, dim and off. The Bamboo takes top prize in efficiency and how well it fits into any room.

The Cottage offers several types of diffusers to choose from including additional ultrasonic models, electric warmers, and carved soapstone tea-light diffusers. We also stock a nice selection of aromatherapy jewelry.

See a listing of suitable essential oil and synergy blends for your diffusing equipment

Smudging Herbs

Sustainably wildcrafted by Native Americans.  Three per pack and 3.5″ long. Traditional mixtures of Native American herbs, sustainably harvested and packaged in biodegradable bags with eco-friendly tags.

A nice selection of smudge bowls and shells are also available.

Triloka Premium Natural Incense

Handmade using the traditional masala method of hand rolling onto bamboo sticks using only natural aromatic botanicals.  This incense has a smooth and natural aroma that is hard to find in most lines of incense.  We carry a rotating mix of over twelve natural scents including cedar, lavender, jasmine, lemongrass, frankincense, and nag champa.  There is also a selection of Resins and woods for burning

Crystals In The Cottage

Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements wouldn’t be complete without it’s beautiful selection of crystals and stones.  We offer a large selection of tumbled pieces as well as some natural cut stones and points. We also offer a smaller selection of power stones, standing points, pyramids, and massage/reiki wands.   In addition, we carry stone jewelry, salt and crystal lamps and candle holders, and pendulums. Items typically in stock.

Musical Tones

Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements offers beautiful handcrafted metal singing bowls including hand-hammered and shaped as well as hand-lathed bowls.  If you require something a bit more mobile visit us and check out The Cottage’s selection of tingshas (Tibetan cymbal bells).  You just might find a hand drum or two roaming around as well!

Yoga & Meditation Accessories

Accessories for Your Meditation and Yoga practice

Zafu meditation cushions and Mexican blankets by Hugger Mugger, table and wall tapestries, and statuary for your professional practice and personal space.


Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements also carries accessories and gifts such as:

  • Beeswax aromatherapy candles
  • Books on herbs, aromatherapy, skin care, cooking, and spirituality
  • Oracle and Tarot cards
  • Incense burners, smudging bowls, and candle accessories
  • Many other gifts and accessories for gift giving, or perhaps, for your own personal spirit space.

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