Simple & Natural Skin Care

Simple & Natural Skin Care

You Know Eating Whole Foods Are Healthier Than Processed Foods
It Should Be The Same With Skin Care

The ingredients that go into your face lotion or moisturizer should be minimally processed without needing to add extra vitamins, minerals, and extra nutrients that have, themselves been either synthetically produced or chemically extracted from other materials.

Moondrop Herbals Ingredients Are Simple

  • Our carrier oils are obtained by cold pressing from the plant, this means no heat or solvents are introduced to modify or degrade the chemical components that make up that oil. Vitamins and minerals produced in the oil inside the plant are intact.
  • Essential oils and floral waters are steam distilled from the plant at the lowest temperature possible to rupture the plant glands that produce the volatile oils, thus releasing them in steam, then being separated from the water through condensation.  The water that is siphoned off the bottom of the ‘still’ contains some of the components of the essential oils, which produce naturally infused floral waters, or hydrosols/distillates.  There is no water retained in the essential oil. This is what makes an essential oil pure.
  • Any extracts used in MdH products list all of the components – meaning you will know what the nutrient is extracted into by reading the list of ingredients.

Why This Is Important:  Most of the toxic, harmful, and potentially irritating-to-skin ingredients come from the solvents that nutrients, and other plant materials are extracted in to.  Solvents include gases and alcohols. This doesn’t mean that ALL extracts are evil – certain gases – like co2 can be virtually 100% removed after the fact. Some alcohols have their own beneficial properties.  Just beware that the term ‘extract’ can be hiding a host of harmful ingredients.

  • No emulsions or harsh solvent extracted additives are found in any Moondrop Herbals skin care products.

Why This Is Important: Emulsions are additional ingredients that cause oil and water to mix becoming lotions and creams.  Certain emulsifiers contain phospholipids whose chemical structures form ‘liposomes’ – which are sphere-shaped membranes that are hollow inside.  These liposomes will absorb the constituents of all ingredients in a product, your skin in turn, will absorb the liposomes, bringing these ingredients into your tissues, organs, and circulatory system. This is a great thing if the ingredients in your favorite skin care products are minimally processed, safe, nutritious and easily assimilated into the skin and surrounding tissue.  It’s bad when your product contains chemical solvents, poorly made extracts, synthetic preservatives and fragrances (more ‘red flag’ words that mean your product contains hidden chemicals you won’t be able to name but will do you more harm than good).

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