Celebrate & Honor

Celebrate & Honor

The Nurturers, The HomeMakers, The Teachers
The Wise Ones

Grab yourself a cup of tea or your favorite toddy, relax & enjoy the Cottage Treasures showcased below!

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Thank You for supporting your local Community Shops.  We Love You. Stay Safe. Stay Well.
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Please Note: Many items are one of kind or of limited quantities. Large statuary can’t be shipped.

Moondrop Herbals Skin Body & Comfort Care

Some of our most popular products. Click on the picture or page link for more ideas.

Skin Care Repair Moisturizing Serum

What It Does: This light serum administers vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, and cell-regenerating properties to precious skin while providing protection from everyday environmental elements such as sun and airborne toxins. Use as part of your daily skin care regimen.  More products

2 ounce Amber glass treatment pump | $17.00

Moondrop Bathing Salts

An aromatherapy bath can relieve muscle soreness, aid in relaxation, and restore spirit to both body & soul.  It facilitates circulation, and helps eliminate toxins from the body.  Fourteen scent blends to choose from.   More

13 ounce Glass | $16.50 (approximately five baths)

Cold Care Salve

The ingredients in this salve are powerful at breaking up congestion, yet safe enough to use on gentle skin such as across bridge of nose, temples, and forehead to alleviate sinus pain and congestion.  I have been using this nightly for self care and it seems to ease the chest tightness from anxiety in these times.  More

Comfy-Cold | 1/2 ounce | $5.75

Moondrop Herbals Aroma | Therapy

Some of our most popular products. Click on the picture or page link for more ideas.

Essential Oils

Indispensible oils to have on hand: lavender as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and relaxant, tea tree and lemon oils for their antiseptic and cleansing qualities, and rosemary to uplift and support brain function.  Safe for topical use when properly diluted in carriers and wonderful for the psyche in a diffuser!  More

Price Range for these oils: $8.65 – $16.50

Pulse Point Oils

Moondrop Pulse Point Aroma Oils are a custom Moondrop blend in a base of MCT oil. Choose a blend that speaks to you – uplifting, calming, awakening, sensual, inspiring, there are 26 blends to choose from.  More

$12.95 (note: Dream Spirit is $9.95 and Xhale is $15.95)

Aromatic Spirit Mists

Each two-ounce aromatic mist contains purified water with a carefully chosen blend of essential oils and plant distillates which make a lovely pillow, room, or personal perfume spray.  Consider ‘Summer’ blend, an uplifting and refreshing linen spray reminiscent of a breezy summer afternoon or ‘Awakening Spirit’ blend, earthy, sensual, and empowering.  More

2 ounce Glass Spray | $12.95

Energy & Spirit in The Cottage

More items are available in the store!  Contact me if you want to know what else is available.

Palm Stones and Specimen Pieces

Pictured clock-wise from top: Pink Selenite Heart 9.95 | Ammonite Fossil 12.95 | Quartz Crystal Heart 12.50 | Flourite Palm Stone 15.00 | Celestite Cluster 2.00/oz | Chrysanthemum Stone 4.25/oz | Amethyst Laser Points 4.75/oz | Infinite Palm Stone 20.00

Miscellaneous Gift Items

African Turquoise and Amethyst Bracelets 9.95 | Peace Scarf 14.95 | Gypsum Goddess 18.00 | Book, Native Spirit 16.99 | Bath Salts 16.50 | Summer Linen Spray 12.95 | Goddess Soul Warrior Affirmation Roll on 12.95 | Herbal Eye Pillow 12.95 | Aventurine Crystal Power Stone 15.00

Power Stones

Clockwise from Top: Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra 15.00 | Aventurine (Heart Chakra) 15.00 | Unakite (Fertility & Creativity) 15.00 | Kambaba Jasper (Protection & Empowerment) 25.00 | Moss Agate (Healing of Body-Mind-Spirit & Earth) 15.00

Gardening & Herb Books

Planting The Future 29.95 | Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies 24.95 | Green Witch Herbal 16.95 | Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs 14.95 | Homebrewer’s Garden 16.95

Statuary + More Miscellaneous

Peace Scarf 14.95 | Volcanic Ash Blessing Buddha 30.00 | Ceramic Yoga Pose 15.00| Volcanic Ash Praying Buddha 42.00 | Wisdom of The Oracle 18.99 | Natures Spirit Oracle 18.99 | Moondrop Herbals 1.8 oz Matcha 12.50 | Gypsum-Cement Goddess Circle tea lite holder 22.00 | Gypsum Moon Goddess 27.50 (Both the Moon Goddess and Goddess Circle have the most lovely hint of gold gilding that is hard to see in the picture).

Triple Moon Goddess Garden Statue

Volcanic stone Triple Moon Goddess 39.95 | Not shown: Lotus Yoga Goddess 39.95 | Chakra Affirmation Kits 21.95 | Beeswax Votive Aromatherapy Candles 4.00

Ceremonial Hand Drum

Hand Drum & Padded Striker 42.95 | Tapestries, varied sizes and styles from 16.00 | Colored Glass Floats 14.95

Clearing & Protection Kit

Each kit contains one each: Palo Santo Stick, Selenite Wand, Smudge Stick of Sage, Cedar & Lavender, Apache Tear, Small Feather and an information sheet with instructions on use and properties of each item 12.50

Affirmation, Oracle, & Tarot Decks

Varied Selection. Price range from 9.95 – 39.99 | Typical price range is 18.99 – 24.99

Matcha Serving Set

Ceremonial Matcha boxed Tea Set – includes a porcelain hand glazed matcha vessel, a ‘chasen’ or bamboo whisk, and  a ‘chashaku’ or bamboo measuring spoon 39.95 | Also pictured, 1.8 oz organic Matcha tea 12.50

Meditation & Yoga

Ceramic Yoga Girl 15.00 | Mexican Blanket 34.95 | Tapestries from 16.00 | Zafu Meditation Cushion 54.95

Seven-Metal Singing Bowls

In my opinion, a singing bowl is the best way to clear and reset positive energy, whether its an entire room, your own aura, or your working tools. Whether you make them ‘sing’ or you just lightly tap the edge, it is healing to the spirit. Available in 2 different styles and three sizes each. Small 35.00 – 40.00 | Medium 55.00 – 65.00 | Large 75.00 – 80.00

Last Not Least: Wellness Habits & Your Chocolate Fix!

Spend Thirty Dollars or more and Get Your choice of an ounce of Tea or a Chocolate Bar FREE!

My Wellness Tea Cabinet

This trio of Moondrop Herbal Tea blends are my Go-Tos to support my Anxiety-prone nerves, my lungs, and my digestive system in this time of uncertainty and alone time:

Mid Morning: It’s a New Day | Nourishes & calms a nervous tummy. Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
Afternoon: Throat Chakratea | immune booster, moisturizes and cools the respiratory system.
Evening: LaLa Land | Nervous system relaxant, anti-depressant, promotes digestion.

My Aromatherapy Arsenal

I’ve been using Moondrop Herbals Cold Care Salve a couple times per day to help keep my respiratory system  operating smoothly as it relaxes and promotes circulation, in the lymphatic system.  My go-to diffusing synergy blends are ‘Pure Air’ at night which promotes relaxation and helps cleanse the air and during the day ‘Revive’ to promote brain function!   More

Chocolate Fix!

Current Flavors At The Cottage:
70% Dark: Salted Almond, Black Rice Quinoa Crunch, Coconut, Coffee Toffee, Ginger, Orange, Raspberry, Plain Dark, and My Cherry Baby (45% Milk Chocolate)

3oz Chocolate Bar, organic & fair trade 4.00

Comfort Kit

Your Choice: One ounce Herbal, Green, Black or Red tea *3.75 | Aromatherapy Pulsepoint Roll-on *12.95 | Chocolate Bar 4.00 | *Prices may vary.

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