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The Nurturers, The Healers, The Hearth-Keepers, The Peace-Keepers, The Providers & The Teachers

Enjoy the following gallery of  gift suggestions for the special Earthly Goddesses in your circle

Moondrop Herbals Skin, Body & Comfort Care

Face Care Sampler Set

Moondrop Herbals skin care ingredients are natural, gentle, and minimally processed. You won’t find synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or dyes here. Read More about what goes into a good skin care product HERE

Set Includes:
Cucumber Cleansing oil, Cleansing Grains, Aloe Toner, Firming Facial Mask, + Moisture Serum: $29.95

Self-Care Ritual

Your Choice of Scent: Bath Salts $16.50 | Pulse Point Oil or Aromatic Mist $12.95 | Body Massage Oil $14.50 | Massage or Dry Brush $8.25
Discounted Price $42.00

More Info HERE

Zen Lip Balm

Shea and beeswax create the perfect barrier of protection for your lips that lasts, so you don’t need to keep applying or constantly feel the need to lick your lips. $5.25

More Info HERE

Love For Your Tootsies

Foot Soak herbs 4.00/oz | CoCoBee Deep Moisture Bar $5.50 |  Peppermint Chill Foot Spray $12.95 |  It’s a Beach Non-oily Foot Scrub $8.50 | Foot + Hand Massager $8.50
Discounted Price: $32.00

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To Sleep + Dream

Dream Spirit Aromatherapy Roller $12.95 | Herbal Eye Pillow $14.50 | Vivid Dreams Herbal Tea $5.25 | Plug-in Aromatherapy Diffuser $19.95 | 10 ml Pure Air Synergy Diffuser Blend $11.50
Discounted Price $51.00

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Comfort Gift Set

Your Choice: One ounce Herbal, Green, Black, or Red Tea $4.75 | Aromatherapy pulse-point blend $12.95 | Organic Chocolate bar $5.00.
Discounted Price: $20.00

Moondrop Herbals Aroma | Therapy

Amygdala’s Alchemy |  Goddess Collection

Created at The Cottage specifically for the empowerment and protection of the feminine that deeply resides within us all.

Amygdala lives deep in the limbic system inside our brain.  She controls our emotions, memory, and mood.  Scent bypasses our logical brain and is not involved in the process of smell. In other words, you actually feel scent. $12.95 each or a set of five oils discounted to $50.00

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Amygdala’s Alchemy | Elements Collection

Honoring the cardinal directions and the most basic elements of the physical life we live on this Earth is vital to our understanding that we are ONE with each other, ONE with nature, and the divine resides within ALL of nature. The Elements sustain us, are within us, and become part of our physical representation of who we are.

These oils can be used to aid your work on transformational and ancestral healing, meditation and prayer, or celebrating the turning of the year (Sabbats) to name a few. Currently sold only in sets and by pre-order. Comes with a set of cards listing correspondences for each Element. $60.00

More info HERE

Chakra Energy Sampler Set

Kits includes a 10ml Aroma Pulse Point blend, Chakratea sampler, and a crystal – all specific for your chosen chakra. It also includes a tea light candle, information about the chakra, and a visualization ritual to perform in the space of time it takes to brew yourself a delicious cup of Chakratea!  Shown here with ‘Sunflowers’ Decomposition Journal to log your meditations, thoughts, and reflections.

Chakra Affirmation Kit $21.95 | Decomposition Journal $9.00

More info HERE

Spirit in Mind, Body & Home

Books | Decks | Statuary | Sound | Local Artisans | More

Connecting To Your Goddess

Both book and set of Goddess cards provide a concise compendium and a wealth of information on a plethora of Goddesses from around the world – and impart the knowledge the Goddesses want you to know.

Find Your Goddess $17.99 | Fairy Tale Forest Decomposition Journal $9.00 | Goddess Knowledge Cards $12.95 | Purple Goddess Amulet $2.95 | Goddess Soul Warrior Affirmation Oil $12.95

Body Into Balance

‘Much of the modern illness we face is a reflection of life out of balance – with nature, with daily rhythms, with ourselves. To restore balance and return to nature is to return to ourselves.’ ~ Aviva Romm MD

‘Body Into Balance’ by Maria Noel Groves $24.99 | Small Green Marble Mortar & Pestle Set $25.95 | Dried Calendula flowers $3.00 per ounce

Beauty School

An inspiring and easy-to-use primer on natural beauty with recipes for making your own natural balms and serums.

‘Wild Beauty’ by Jana Blankenship $18.00 | ‘Dogwood’ Decomposition Journal $9.00 | Decomposition Pen made with recycled plastic $5.95 | Rosehip Seed Oil $12.95 | Firming Facial Mask with Matcha Powder $8.25

Aroma + Therapy

Sacred Oils‘ by Felicity Warner $14.99 | ‘Fields of Plenty’ Decomposition Journal $9.00 | Amygdala’s Alchemy Oils $60.00

Lunar Cycles

‘Lunar Abundance’ by Ezzie Spencer PhD $22.99 | ‘The Moon + You’ by Diane Ahlquist $15.99 | Moonstone Sphere $20.00 – 32.50

Divine Inspiration

‘You Are Divine’ by Dawn Reno Langley PhD $17.99 | Local Handmade Tea Mug $30.00 | Local Handmade Mala $45.00 | Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder $13.50

Preparing Sacred Spaces

Modern Guide To Space Clearing | Sacred Spaces $17.00 | Clearing + Protection Kit $14.95

Spirit of The Animals Oracle

This magnificent oracle by Jody Bergsma will guide you on a journey to get to know 51 different animal helpers and discover their powerful medicine.  $23.95

The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot

This deck is a radical new interpretation of the Tarot for these times.  Unlike traditional Tarots, which guide the seeker to enlightenment by leaving the Earth behind, this deck shows a profound and magical journey into the world we are here to walk, not out of it.  Deck, Guidebook, and Tarot bag $39.99

Touching Earth Buddha

In this posture it is said that Buddha resolved to remain seated and in a meditative state until he had solved the problem of his last obstacle to enlightenment.  Buddha, volcanic stone $50.00 | Elephant Tea Lite Holder, volcanic stone $22.00 | Om Lotus Cappuccino Mug $15.95

Kuan Yin

This beloved deity and bodhisattva – holds a place of power and respect throughout Eastern Asia and is sacred in Taoism as well as Buddhism. Her name is spelled various ways, including Quan Yin, Guanyin, and Kannon. Kuan means ‘earth’ and yin refers to the feminine life force. Kuan Yin, volcanic stone $55.00 | Hand hammered 7-metal singing bowl $80.00

Jizo Bodhisattva

A much-loved figure in Japan, Korea, and China. Jizo’s role is to protect the weak and vulnerable with emphasis on women in childbirth, children, and travelers. He is also known to help those who have physical afflictions, or who may be dealing with karmic work. Jizo’s qualities include optimism, fearlessness, and gentleness. Jizo Buddha, volcanic stone $42.00

Yoga Moon Goddess

Just like the moon which reflects the light from the sun, the moon goddess receives her energy from the sun. She absorbs it (Maiden), transforms and nourishes it (Mother), and distributes it as wisdom (Crone). Her lap is a reservoir for holding crystals, herbs, or other offerings. Moon Goddess, volcanic stone $42.00

Yoga + Meditation Practice

Yoga Frog, volcanic stone $38.00 | Hugger Mugger Meditation Cushion $54.95 | Not shown: Yoga Blankets, Tapestries, Books, Wall Hangings, Local Artisan-made Malas, other Statuary

Singing Bowls

5″ Handcrafted ‘Sri Yantra’ design Singing Bowl $95.00 | Sacred Sound $16.95 | Available: Singing Bowls sizes 4″ – 7″ and ranging in price from $55.00 – $180.00

Local Artisan

9625 Little House ART ‘Fine Art and Handmade – We like making things.’

The Cottage carries a selection of handmade mugs and various other pieces of pottery artwork by Little House ART.

Local Artisan

Branded Goat Design ‘One-of-a-kind hand tied brooms, besoms, whisks, altar brooms and other magical creations.’

Shown Here: Turkey-wing whisk broom and altar sets.

Accessories + Gifts

The Cottage offers tapestries, singing bowls, keepsake boxes, incense holders, and much more including head wraps, tote and passport bags, and scarves.  Tapestry sizes range from standard ‘sarong’ size to ‘double-wide spreads’

Crystals in The Cottage

Ammonite Specimen – Morocco 

Ammonites are said to support & strengthen survival instincts. They are a reminder that our lives are in continual change and can help us against repeating old mistakes. They filter and cleanse vital energy $32.50

Standing Polished Points

Garden Quartz, Lepidolite, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Crackle Quartz, Smoky Quartz – Prices vary


Crystal Hearts currently In Stock:  Mixed Garnet, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Caribbean Calcite, Rosita Jasper, Black Tourmaline

Botanical Offerings

Green + White Tea

The Cottage offers twelve varieties of green tea including matcha, pu’erh, and oolong.
Shown1.8 ounce glass jar, Ceremonial Grade and Organic $13.95 | Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk $8.95

More Green Tea HERE

Black + Yerba Mate’

You’ll find eight varieties of black tea including a chai blend and smoked Lapsang Souchong.

More Black Tea HERE

Herbal Tea Blends

We hand blend 21 varieties of non-caffeinated herbal tea in-house. We also carry two varieties of red tea.

More Herbal Tea Blends HERE

And So Much More

‘The Goddess never left us and she never will. She’s still guiding, protecting, and inspiring you, healing your wounds and spurring your courage.  She’s here right beside you, inside you, at this very moment. All you have to do is call her name and she will answer.’
~ Find Your Goddess by Skye Alexander

Banner artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet in ‘Goddesses Knowledge Cards’
(available at The Cottage)

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